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What happens with the information you send us



If you are not using our shopping cart

We do not believe in spying on your web browsing habits, selling your personal information, or otherwise intruding on your privacy.

And, we will not sell or give away the personal information of any of our customers under any circumstances - Period!

However, our shopping cart is powerd by Paypal. Paypal will set a cookie when you load our pages. Paypal's privacy police can be found in detail at the Paypal privacy policy web page

If you do use our shopping cart

Our shopping cart is provided courtesy of Paypal. When you select an item for the shopping cart, a cookie is place on your computer containing information on the item you selected. If you purchase from us using your credit card through Paypal, the information you submit to Paypal will be subject to the Payal privacy policy. If you are interested in the full details of Paypal's privacy policy, you can access that information on their privacy policy at the Paypal privacy policy web page

Fall Leaves batik fabric lampshade

Check our our fall leaves batik fabric lamp shade

Antler Lamp with forest mist shade

A mule-deer antler lamp with a forest mist with elk lamp shade.

Pine log lamps with cattail marsh lampshade

A cattail marsh lampshade on a log lamp with burl.

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