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Our Southwestern Lampshades



For your convenience, we've collected our southwesetern themed lampshades in one place for you. Here are our Petroglph, Horses, and longhorn lampshades.

Petroglyph lampshade picture

Here is our batik petroglyph lampshade. Hold your cursor over the picture to see how the shade changes when lit!

From the echos of an ancient culture to the wonders of the wide open desert, we have lampshades that will give your house a southwestern feel.

Each shade is custom made for your order. No two shades are exactly alike.

The thumbnail pictures below offer a glimpse of our southwestern lampshades. Move your mouse over the images and see what happens!

Our Southwestern Lampshades

Horses lampshade picture

Our Horses lampshade.

Leaves with vines shade picture

Our Longhorns lampshade.

Petroglyph Shade Picture

Our Petroglyph lampshade

Petroglyph Shade Picture

Our Southwest Sunset lampshade

Our Nature & Wildlife Lampshades

Small buffalo shade picture

Our buffalo lampshade.

Small Ducks shade picture

Our ducks over marshes lampshade.

Forest Mist shade picture

Our Forest Mist lampshade.

Leaves with vines shade picture

Our Leaves with Vines lampshade.

Small Pinecone Shade Picture

Our Pine Cones lampshade

Sunset Lampshade Picture

Our Sunset lampshade

Winter Aspen Shade Picture

Our Winter Aspen lampshade

Wolves lampshade Picture

Our Secret Forest lampshade

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