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Ashling Designs is Sandy Stevens and Kathleen O'Connor

Kathleen designs and makes all the chamois lampshades. Sandy designs and makes the painted rustic and batik fabric lampshades.


Here's Sandy.

Ashling Designs can be contacted at:


or by mail at

6520 Brook Park Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Sometimes when I'm working I can't stop to answer the phone (paint dries very quickly in Colorado!) so if you don't get a human, there is voice mail. Please leave a message, I check my voice mail often and I will return your call.

lampshade on her head

Yipee!! Lampshades are FUN!!!

Antler Lamp with forest mist shade

A mule-deer antler lamp with a forest mist with elk lamp shade.

Pine log lamps with cattail marsh lampshade

A cattail marsh lampshade on a log lamp with burl.

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